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While Christian wrestles with his inner demons, Anastasia must confront the anger and envy of the women who came before her.
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"I went into this weird K-hole of feeling so scared of people. I noticed myself becoming shut off to strangers, even cold. That’s not my nature. I prefer to be tender."
"You're just so far more in control of yourself in your thirties - and it's helpful to have faced a bit of rejection, it gives you a better idea of yourself."
"I look for things I want to obsess over and learn about intensely for a short period of time."

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Tuesday • August 12th, 2014 • Saved in: Appearances / Interviews / Rita Ora / Videos

Rita Ora Opens up About Calvin Harris, Teen Choice Awards

Rita Ora joined On Air with Ryan Seacrest early Tuesday morning to discuss the meaning behind her chart-climbing single, “I Will Never Let You Down,” and graced the airwaves with an unplugged acoustic set of the uptempo track.

It’s basically a love song you can dance to,” she explained. “I wrote this with a really special person, and it was the first time I ever kind of opened my doors up for somebody I knew personally. So, this song was written out of love and I [liked it], it was convenient for the time it was written. But you know, people move on and move forward, but the song still has the same message.

Triggered by the hazy “special person” description, Ryan asked the British singer point-blank if the man she was speaking so vaguely about was EDM heavyweight Calvin Harris, which Rita firmly answered, “That’s correct.

The 23-year-old unveiled the uplifting love song in March when she was romantically linked to the “Summer” singer-producer. According to Rita, their collaborative work on the song serves as a bookmark for “a chapter” in her life, and it was the then-couple’s way of “sharing each other.”

In June, the two ended their romantic relationship, and the “Feel So Close” DJ confirmed the news by tweeting, “To address speculation – myself and Rita ended our relationship some time ago. She is a beautiful, talented woman & I wish her all the best.” Rita also weighed-in on the rumors by double-confirming the breakup through her Twitter account: “I don’t usually address speculation but I’ve had an incredible time w Calvin,& i will treasure the memories.

What seemed like an amicable split resurfaced as a relationship that ended on bad terms during Teen Choice Awards weekend. Rita was an anticipated performer for Sunday’s TCAs, but at the last minute, the “R.I.P.” singer’s performance of the Calvin Harris-produced track was struck down by the Scottish DJ himself, who owns the creative rights to the song.

For anybody who doesn’t understand how it works, he wrote and produced the song,” she revealed. “So he has to approve anything TV-wise for anybody who doesn’t get it. And obviously he owns the rights to it and he didn’t approve the Teen Choice Awards.

Although the “How We Do” singer had been planning her TCAs set for “about a month in advance,” Rita told Ryan and guest co-host Giuliana Rancic that she was not surprised by the last-minute nix.

No, nuh-uh,” Rita said, after Ryan asked if she was caught off guard by the last-minute refusal. “I could have got told a few weeks earlier, you know. That would have been nice. It was a last minute change, but you know what, it happens and we move on and move forward … It is what it is, man. You know, you write a song with somebody, and I guess there’s some stuff that comes with it … Everything happens for a reason, that’s how I look at it.

Despite the old flame that is eternalized in “I Will Never Let You Down,” the Kosovo-born singer performed the song with the disclaimer, “Before I do this, it’s still an amazing song. I don’t want anybody to have like a dark cloud over this song.

After her set, Rita opened up about her new-found friendship with “Black Widow” collaborator Iggy Azalea, saying, “We’re very close and it’s nice to find a friend who is in the same business and is real.

The duo is slated to perform “a massive surprise” at the MTV Video Music Awards on August 24. The star-studded set list includes Maroon 5, Beyoncé, Ariana Grande, and Usher.

Rita will also co-star in the film adaptation of the steamy E. L. James-penned novel Fifty Shades of Grey. The blonde bombshell was cast as Mia Grey, the adoptive younger sister of Christian Grey, played by Once Upon a Time actor Jamie Dornan.

And if that all wasn’t enough, Rita will also be performing at Fashion Rocks on September 9 and tickets are available on

Fifty Shades of Grey will hit theaters on February 13. Rita’s single “I Will Never Let You Down” is available on iTunes now!