Max Martini (13 Hours, The Unit, Pacific Rim) will star in the upcoming drama picture What The Night Can Do – and the family-centric feature is also a family affair for the dynamic actor.

What The Night Can Do tells the story of three generations of a family turmoil. While Martini will be front and center in the lead role, his brother Christopher Martini (Shooter) will be behind the camera directing and his stepfather Stuart Margolin (a Directors Guild of America Award nominee for Northern Exposure) is the writer, meaning that a real family is coming together to tell what will certainly be an engrossing story about a fictional one.

On the business side Martini’s independent production company Mona Vista Productions is co-producing the film. MVP’s Michael Hagerty is producing alongside executive producer Tanya Hill, who is partially funding the production. More details about the film, including a potential release date, are still forthcoming.

But it’s more big news for Martini, who has been as busy behind the scenes as he has been in them. The last few years have seen him work as part of several big-screen ensembles including those of Captain Phillips, Pacific Rim, Fifty Shades of Grey and 13 Hours. He’s lined up roles in two other big films, the sequel Pacific Rim: Maelstrom and the drama Spectral.

At the same time he’s attached to another independent feature Will Gardner, which landed co-producers in May.

Martini is one of those actors who quietly flies under the radar giving much better than he gets credit for; one needs only to look back at any of his roles to see how much presence he brings to the screen. The news that now he’s out there developing and producing projects is encouraging for any film fan. Not only does that mean he’ll be working on projects that specifically should allow him to shine, but he’ll be bringing his talent and tenacity to even more aspects of the business.

It’s particularly resonant that he’ll be working on What The Night Can Do with his family, given the subject of the film. The collective amount of talent makes this an independent film to keep an eye on as it moves further into production.