Luke Grimes, best known for his roles in the movies 50 Shades of Grey and Sniper, is set to star in a new film about the true story of Krystian Bala, a Polish writer who was convicted of murder in 2007.

The news comes just over two years after it was announced the highly regarded Christoph Waltz would play the leading role in the film. Since then virtually nothing has been said about the project and it is only now that we know the cast will be different.

Aside from Grimes, the other ‘big name’ on the cast list is Swedish actor Mikael Persbrandt. Mikael is internationally known for his starring role in the Academy Award winning foreign feature In A Better World as well as playing the character of Beorn in the Hobbit trilogy.

The film had been named as ‘True Crimes’, and is based on the piece written by David Grann in The New Yorker in 2008. Grann’s piece looks at the mysterious murder of Dariusz Janiszewski, whose body was found in the river Odra in December 2000. ​At the time of his murder, Janiszewski owned a modest advertising business in Wroclaw, had no obvious adversaries and had never committed any crime. The case was a baffling one, and after six months the investigation was dropped.

In 2003 however, police detective Jacek Wroblewski opened up the case and tracked down the very phone that had made calls to Janiszewski on the day of his murder. The owner of the mobile turned out to be none other than Krystian Bala, a Polish writer who had just published a shocking, seedy and perverted book called ‘Amok’. The novel’s plot told the story of a murder frighteningly similar to Janiszewski’s, and as a result Bala was arrested on his return to Poland. He was then put on trial for murder and after being convicted, was sentenced to 25 years in prison.

The movie will be directed by Kasia Adamik, the daughter of the famous Polish director Agnieszka Holland. Adamik has never directed a feature film before, but has directed numerous TV shows and worked as a storyboard artist for many Hollywood productions.

Filming is set to start this October.