Jamie’s dad tells heat why his son is convinced there’s been a mistake

Just two weeks ago, thousands of you voted Jamie Dornan as your No1 in heat’s Hottest Hunks 2015. But Jamie hasn’t got his head around it yet. Seeing as he’s one of the busiest men in showbiz, it’s been tricky to pin him down (not in a Fifty Shades way) for a chat – so we asked his lovely dad Jim (who invented Circular Football btw) to give Jamie a call for us.

I sent Jamie the Hottest Hunks copy to South Africa where he’s filming,” Jim exclusively tells heat.

Winning these sort of things doesn’t mean an awful lot to Jamie, but I knew he’d be pleased. When I called him, he told me, ‘There be must be some kind of mistake!’ But that’s his usual modest self-effacement coming through.

Source: HeatWorld.com