Over 100 famous artists were photographed for a campaign called ‘iHeart Castle Toward‘ launched in Scotland yesterday. This isn’t about protecting the impressive views. They are lining up to safeguard a precious haven that has nurtured generations of artistic talent, including some of the most famous Scottish names in music, art, sculpture and literature.

This campaign is now calling for the present owner of Castle Toward, Argyll & Bute Council, to protect this treasured Scottish icon from development, and to work together towards restoring the Castle to be the flourishing hub for youth arts and sport that it once was. The campaign believes that within the ethos of Culture for Life, this project can attract funding from Scotland, the UK and further afield.

Jamie also supports this Campaign and I find it fascinating that he does so. Read below what he had to say about Castle Toward:

“Castle Toward has inspired countless generations of young people. To see it close its doors would be a huge loss to the artistic community of the UK” – Jamie Dornan

You also can sign their petition here.
(most of the text above was taken from iHeartCastleToward.co.uk.)

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