Jamie Dornan may best be known for his role as emotionally distant BDSM-obsessed billionaire Christian Grey, in the film adaption of “Fifty Shades of Grey”. A film that’s been steeped in polarizing but feverish anticipation and grown into an outright cultural phenomenon – and the same could be said of Jamie himself. The trailer for the sequel, “Fifty Shades Darker”, has just been released to equal measures of hysteria: within the first 24 hours, the trailer alone broke world records and garnered over 114 million views. Then there’s “The Fall”, the critically acclaimed BBC series, which sees Jamie play the role of another psychopath: Paul Spector, a sadistic, sexually-motivated serial killer-cum-family-man. The Fall has been very good to me and given the opportunity, I’d play that character for the rest of my life”, Jamie says, met with some intrigue. “It’s kind of awkward to say, as he’s such a horrible person but I do care for him and inhabiting his very sick mind for some reason”, he affirms. But after meeting Jamie, who in real life, oozes Irish charm, warmth and charisma, it’s hard to imagine there could be an ounce of malice inside the real him.

Jamie was born in Holywood, Northern Ireland, a small coastal town closely-spelled and aptly pro- nounced Hollywood, which he wouldn’t change for the world. “I had a really fucking lovely, very middle class sort of serene upbringing despite the madness that was happening in our country at the time”, he says, “I wouldn’t have changed any aspect of my childhood.

.. I mean, I lost my mother when I was 16 so of course I would change that, but you know in terms of my actual child- hood, people are amazing back home”. The 34-year-old former Calvin Klein model eventually left the confines of Holywood and moved to London to pursue a career in modelling, where he eventually fell in to acting: “I did a lot of acting in school and did amateur dramatics back in Ireland. It always intrigued me, I always enjoyed doing it but then saying “I want that to pay the mortgage” is a very different thing”, he says, now living between West London and his country house in the Cotswolds with his wife, Amelia Warner, and their two children. “I find London quite stressful to raise my kids. We like to be able to leave our door open and let our three-year-old run in the garden and muck around and express herself”, he says affectionately, with not an inch of psychopathy in sight. Read full interview here.