Last Night was the Night we’ve all been waiting for. Jamie and Dakota at the same Event for the first time!
While Jamie arrived with his wife Amelia and Dakota on her own both still looked adorbale. Jamie and Dakota were honored to present the Award for “Best Supporting Actress” together and I think they managed their biggest television Appearance yet, pretty amazing! Click here to see the Video.

After their presentation, Jamie and Dakota went seperate ways again. While Jamie attend two after Parties (Universal and InStyle And Warner Bros. after Parties), Dakota was seen at the HBO Golden Globe after Party only. I’m sure they had a lot of fun and enjoyed their time. :)

Jamie and Dakota also did an adorbale Portrait Photoshoot backstage at the Golden Globe Awards which you can check out in the read more Section below! It is wonderful, isn’t it?

Last but not least, Rita Ora also were seen at a Golden Globe after Party held by Netflix! She wore a stunning red dress which looked amazing on her.

Make sure to check out a lot of Pictures in the Gallery below!

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