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While Christian wrestles with his inner demons, Anastasia must confront the anger and envy of the women who came before her.
L A T E S T    I N T E R V I E W S

"I went into this weird K-hole of feeling so scared of people. I noticed myself becoming shut off to strangers, even cold. That’s not my nature. I prefer to be tender."
"You're just so far more in control of yourself in your thirties - and it's helpful to have faced a bit of rejection, it gives you a better idea of yourself."
"I look for things I want to obsess over and learn about intensely for a short period of time."

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The Sound of Metal
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National Geographic Biopic
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The Main Cast

Eloise Mumford

Birthday: September 24th, 1986
Home: Los Angeles
Role in Fifty Shades: Katherine “Kate” Kavanagh

2008: L.A. Crash (TV Series)
2009: Some Boys Don’t Leave (Short Movie)
2009: Law & Order: New York (TV Series)
2009: Mercy (TV Series)
2010: Lone Star (TV Series)
2012: The River (TV Series)
2012: Buried Treasure (Short Movie)
2012: So Undercover
2012: Christmas with Holly
2013: Reckless
2014: Drones
2014: In the Blood
2014: Not Safe for Work
2015: The Night Is Young
2015: Just In Time For Christmas
2015: Warriors

Isabella Heathcote

Birthday: May 27th, 1987
Home: Australia
Role in Fifty Shades: Leila Williams

2008: Acolytes
2009: Neighbours (TV-Series)
2010: Glenn Owen Dodds
2010: Beneath Hill 60
2011: In Time
2011: Meth to Madness
2012: Dark Shadows
2012: Not Fade Away
2014: The Rewrite
2015: The Curse of Downers Grove
2016: Pride and Prejudice and Zombies
2016: The Neon Demon

Eric Johann Johnson

Birthday: August 7th, 1979
Home: Canada
Role in Fifty Shades: Jack Hyde

1992: The Ray Bradbury Theater (TV Series)
1994: Road to Saddle River
1994: Legends of the Fall
1998: Oklahoma City: A Survivor’s Story
1998: Heart of the Sun
1998: Honey, I Shrunk the Kids: The TV Show
1999: Student Bodies (TV Series)
1999: Night Man (TV Series)
1999: Question of Privilege
1999: Atomic Train
2000: Scorn
2000: Children of Fortune
2001: Borderline Normal
2001: Texas Rangers
2001: MythQuest (TV Series)
2002: Bang Bang You’re Dead
2002: Beauty Shot
2003: Stealing Sinatra
2003: Hollywood Wives: The New Generation
2004: Ginger Snaps 2: Unleashed
2004: The Collector (TV Series)
2004: Blinded
2004: A Clown’s Gift
2001-2004: Smallville (TV Series)
2004: Anonymous Rex
2004: The Work and the Glory
2005: Falcon Beach
2005: A Friend of the Family
2005: Marker
2005: The Work and the Glory II: American Zion
2005: Bear with Me
2006: Expiration Date
2006: Honeymoon with Mom
2006: Dead Zone (TV Series)
2007: Everest (TV Mini-Series)
2007: Ghost Whisperer
2007: The Unit (TV Series)
2007-2008: Flash Gordon (TV Series)
2009: A Nanny’s Secret
2010: Meteor Storm
2010: Supernatural (TV Series)
2010: Mrs. Miracle 2
2011: Deck the Halls
2012: Alcatraz (TV Series)
2013: Orphan Black (TV Series)
2006-2013: Criminal Minds (TV Series)
2013: Splinter Cell: Blacklist (Video Game)
2010-2013: Rookie Blue (TV Series)
2013: Detention
2013: Fir Crazy
2014: Saving Hope (TV Series)
2014: Interview with a Time Traveler
2015: Flash Gordon Classic
2014-2015: The Knick (TV Series)

Luke Grimes

Birthday: January 21st, 1984
Home: Los Angeles
Role in Fifty Shades: Elliot Grey

2006: All the Boys Love Mandy Lane
2007: War Eagle, Arkansas
2008: Assassination of a High School President
2010: Shit Year
2009-2010: Brothers & Sisters (TV Series)
2011: The Light in the Night (Short Movie)
2012: Outlaw Country
2012: 96 Hours – Taken 2
2013: The Wait
2013: True Blood (TV Series)
2013: Dark Around the Stars
2014: Squatters (Video)
2014: Manhattan Undying
2014: American Sniper
2014: Forever
2015: Shangri-La Suite
2015: Freeheld
2016: Magnificent Seven

Victor Rasuk

Birthday: January 15th, 1984
Home: Los Angeles
Role in Fifty Shades: José Rodriguez

1999: Flawless
2000: Five Feet High and Rising (Short Movie)
2002: Raising Victor Vargas
2002: Rock Steady
2003: Law & Order: New York (TV Series)
2004: Haven
2005: Law & Order: Trial by Jury (TV Series)
2005: Dogtown Boys
2006: I’m Reed Fish
2006: Bonneville
2006: Emil (Short Movie)
2007: Adrift in Manhattan
2007: Feel the Noise
2008: Feel the Noise: The Making of a Musical Movement (Short Video)
2008: Stop-Loss
2008: Che: Part One
2008: Spinning Into Butter
2008-2009: Emergency Room (TV Series)
2009: The War Boys
2009: Life Is Hot in Cracktown
2010: Apples (Short Movie)
2010-2011: How to Make It in America
2012: El Jefe
2012: Being Flynn
2013: jOBS
2013: A Bag Full of Money (Short Movie)
2014: Godzilla
2014-2015: Stalker (TV Series)
2016: Colony

Rita Ora

Birthday: November 26th, 1990
Home: London
Role in Fifty Shades: Mia Grey

2012: Ora (Album)
2014: “Black Widow” (featured Artist on Iggy Azalea’s Single)

2004: The Brief (TV Series)
2004: Spivs
2013: 90210 (TV Series)
2013: Fast & Furious 6
2015: Southpaw

Max Martini

Birthday: December 11th, 1969
Home: New York
Role in Fifty Shades: Jason Taylor

1981: Bret Maverick (TV Series)
1984: The Glitter Dome
1986: Disney-Land (TV Series)
1988: Paramedics
1989: Neon Rider (TV Series)
1990: Repossessed
1991: Vendetta: Secrets of a Mafia Bride
1995: Pictures of Baby Jane Doe
1996: High Incident (TV Series)
1996: Walker, Texas Ranger (TV Series)
1997: Nash Bridges (TV Series)
1997: Contact
1998: Saving Private Ryan
1998: Conversations in Limbo (Short Movie)
1999: Mutiny
1999: Desert Son
1999: Tail Lights Fade
1999: The Hunger (TV Series)
1999: These Arms of Mine (TV Series)
2000: Profiler (TV Series)
2000: Pretender (TV Series)
2000: Cement
1999-2000: Harsh Realm (TV Series)
2000: The Outer Limits
2000: Love Lessons
2000-2001: Level 9 (TV Series)
2001: Mysterious Ways (TV Series)
2001: Another Day
1998-2002: Da Vinci’s Inquest (TV Series)
2002: Breaking News (TV Series)
2002: Taken (Mini Series)
2003: Backroads
2003: 24 – Twenty Four (TV Series)
2003: The Division (TV Series)
2003: Line of Fire (TV Series)
2004: Gramercy Park
2004: Try to Remember
2004: Caught in the Act
2004: Without a Trace (TV Series)
2003-2005: CSI: Miami (TV Series)
2005: Numb3rs (TV Series)
2005: The Great Raid
2005: Silver Bells
2008: Redbelt
2008: Street Warrior
2008: Burn Notice (TV Series)
2006-2009: The Unit (TV Series)
2010: Dark Blue (TV Series)
2010: Lie to Me (TV Series)
2010: White Collar (TV Series)
2010: Mandrake
2010: Hawaii Five-0 (TV Series)
2010: Trooper
2010: All Signs of Death
2011: He Loves Me
2003-2011: CSI: Crime Scene Investigation (TV Series)
2011: Castle (TV Series)
2011: Flashpoint (TV Series)
2011: Colombiana
2011: Rizzoli & Isles (TV Series)
2011: Criminal Minds (TV Series)
2012: Hirokin
2011-2012: Revenge (TV Series)
2012: The Mentalist (TV Series)
2013: Pacific Rim
2013: Person of Interest (TV Series)
2013: Captain Phillips
2013: Hunting Season
2013: Republic of Doyle (TV Series)
2014: Exit Strategy
2014: Sabotage
2014: Crisis (TV Series)
2014: Covert Affairs (TV Series)
2016: Spectral
2016: 13 Hours
2016: Edge

Kim Basinger

Birthday: December 8th, 1953
Home: Georgia
Role in Fifty Shades: Elena Lincoln

1976: Gemini Man (TV Mini-Series)
1976: Charlie’s Angels (TV Series)
1977: McMillan & Wife (TV Series)
1977: The Six Million Dollar Man (TV Series)
1977: Dog and Cat (TV Series)
1977: Dog and Cat
1978: The Ghost of Flight 401
1978: Katie: Portrait of a Centerfold
1978: Vegas (TV Series)
1979-1980: From Here to Eternity (TV Mini-Series)
1981: Hard Country
1981: Killjoy
1982: Mother Lode
1983: James Bond 007 – Never Say Never Again
1983: The Man Who Loved Women
1984: The Natural
1985: Fool for Love
1986: Nine 1/2 Weeks
1986: No Mercy
1987: Blind Date
1987: Nadine
1988: My Stepmother Is an Alien
1989: Batman
1991: The Marrying Man
1992: Final Analysis
1992: Cool World
1993: The Real McCoy
1993: Wayne’s World 2
1994: Getaway
1994: Prêt-à-Porter
1997: L.A. Confidential
2000: I Dreamed of Africa
2000: Bless the Child
2002: 8 Mile
2002: People I Know
2004: The Door in the Floor
2004: Elvis Has Left the Building
2004: Cellular
2006: Even Money
2006: The Sentinel
2006: The Mermaid Chair
2008: The Burning Plain
2008: While She Was Out
2008: Informers
2010: Charlie St. Cloud
2012: Black November
2013: Third Person
2013: Grudge Match
2014: One Square Mile
2014: I Am Here
2016: The Nice Guys

More Cast Members

Dylan Neal

Birthday: October 8th, 1969
Role in Fifty Shades: Bob Adams

Callum Keith Rennie

Birthday: September 14th, 1960
Role in Fifty Shades: Raymond “Ray” Steele

Jennifer Ehle

Birthday: December 29th, 1969
Role in Fifty Shades: Carla Adams

Marcia Gay Harden

Birthday: August 14th, 1959
Role in Fifty Shades: Grace Trevelyan Grey

Andrew Airlie

Birthday: September 18th, 1961
Role in Fifty Shades: Carrick Grey

Anthony Konechny

Birthday: September 23rd, ????
Role in Fifty Shades: Paul Clayton

Arielle Caroline Kebbel

Birthday: February 19th, 1985
Role in Fifty Shades: Gia Matteo

Brant David Daugherty

Birthday: August 20th, 1985
Role in Fifty Shades: Luke Sawyer

Robinne Lee

Birthday: July 26th, 1974
Role in Fifty Shades: Ros Bailey

Fay Masterson

Birthday: April 15th, 1974
Role in Fifty Shades: Gail Jones