As I posted before Jamie and Dakota were heading to Stanley Park in Vancouver after their Scene at the Airport yesterday. Paparazzi caught Jamie and Dakota filming a kissing Scene in the Woods and it looks so intense! I’m really looking forward to see this Scene on the big Screen! :D
If you want to know what happened during this Scene, you may want to read the Text in the Box below! Otherwise skip the Part and make sure to check out a bunch of Pictures of Jamie and Dakota in the Gallery below :)

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It takes place on a wood platform on this small lake surrounded by trees. Dakota comes out to the end and crosses her arms. Looking mad. Jamie comes from behind her and turns her around. They then talk. She turns from him and walks to the other side. He comes to her and turns her and then he takes her face and kisses her. It was definitely passionate. He was totally Christian in how he approached her and just did it. He also take her arms. They kiss for a long time. Then turn away together.

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– Fifty Shades Of Grey > On the Set 2013/2014 > October 14th, 2014 – Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson filming Kiss Scene at Stanley Park