The History of The50ShadesWorld.com:

It all began that I came across E L James’ Books called Fifty Shades of Grey. Honestly I refused to read them at first because I was not the type of Person who wanted to read erotic things. I was at the age of 18 at this time. Later on I saw the success of the Books and was kinda torn should I read them now or not? I felt like I missed the Party everyone was enjoying. But I was still in thoughts the only thing that is going on in these Books was the erotic part. Let me say I wasn’t good informed about the Books ^^
At the end of 2013 I came across the Books again and let me say I was so curious to read them. I don’t know why.
So I ended up buying the eBooks at the iTunes Store. First I started reading them I couldn’t stop anymore. The Story is really wonderful and I can relate to many things of Anastasia’s.
After I finished reading the Books I somehow came across the News that there will be a Movie for Fifty Shades Of Grey. I don’t quite remember how I found it out. Anyway I was so excited about the News because I fell in love with the story of Anastasia and Christian!
So I searched a bit more on the Internet and found out that Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson are the leading roles for that Movie (Filming was already in process when I found out about the Movie.) I just wanted to know more about both of them what they have done before FSOG.
I have to admit I’ve never heard the Names of Dakota and Jamie before and I also have to admit that I fell in love with Jamie Dornan first. He became my new Celebrity-Crush very easy and fast. Come on, you just have to look at him and BOOM his body and his shy character burns into your brain! :D
Anyway I started watching Once Upon A Time and later on The Fall with Jamie and I was so shocked about his very good acting skills. I don’t know why he didn’t land a big role earlier. I fell in love with Jamie Dornan more and more daily and decided to open a Website about him.
But then I was curious about Dakota. I’ve watched plenty Movies starring with her like 21 Jump Street or Need for Speed. And I don’t know how that happend but I fell in love with her as well. She’s a good actress and very lovely what I can say.
So I decided to rename my Website which I already named JamieDornanHQ.net to The50ShadesWorld.com Because now I love both Jamie and Dakota.
So this was the Story behind The50ShadesWorld.com
Sorry for any grammar or spelling mistakes because I come from Germany :D