Dakota Johnson needn’t worry about getting typecast as her submissive Fifty Shades of Grey character Anastasia Steele, because, as she proves in this deleted Date and Switch clip, she can masterfully dominate a scene, too!

The 24-year-old actress plays Em, the supportive ex-girlfriend Matty (Hunter Cope), a high school guy outed as gay before he’s ready. Dakota’s character blames Michael (Nicholas Braun) for spilling Matty’s secret, and when he naïvely shows up at her house and asks her to prom, she properly eviscerates him.

“You’ve done an awful, horrible thing,” she spits. “If I were Matty, I don’t know if I’ve ever forgive you.”

Michael tries (and struggles) to keep it together as Em goes off on him, but he offers only half-hearted explanations and doesn’t seem to see the error in his ways.

Seething, Dakota’s character tells Michael their gay friend “is back in the closet now” and “pretending to be straight again because of you.”

“I hope you feel really great about that,” she hisses.

But is Michael’s unknowing apology enough to earn him forgiveness? Can his thoughtful gag gift make up for his major mistake? Watch the clip above to see if saying NO to prom is a hard limit for Dakota’s character.

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Date and Switch is out on Blu-ray/DVD and VOD Apr. 15.

SOURCE: EOnline.com