Yesterday, Jamie, Dakota and Max Martini filmed more exterior scenes for Fifty Shades Darker. This time they were located infront of Ana’s Apartment. Again they’ve filmed 3 scenes: The first one included all three getting out of an Audi and a short but intense kissing scene between Jamie and Dakota (Christian and Ana). The next scene included only Dakota and Max where Dakota was supposed to get in the Audi but instead ran away crying. A bit later Jamie, Dakota and Max were seen again getting out of the Audi. Jamie held a large box in his hands which leads me to the conclusion it’s the scene where Christian gives Ana’s stuff back.
Additional Info via YVRShoots: The crew had planned a big overnight shoot last night but the City of Vancouver denied permission to film past curfew. Crew plan to break the big overnight into a series of night shoots.

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– Fifty Shades Darker > On the Set 2016 > March 4th, 2016 – filming infront of Ana’s Apartment in Vancouver
– Fifty Shades Darker > On the Set 2016 > March 4th – Jamie Dornan gets out of Audi in Vancouver