Dakota made her Ellen debut today! She talked about her upcoming Movie Black Mass but also about Fifty Shades Darker and Ellen even sent her home with a few new props for Fifty Shades Darker! Below you can find the whole Interview and a transcript to it.

– Dakota Johnson > Apearances > 2015 > September 18th – The Ellen DeGeneres Show

Ellen: „It has been a crazy year for you right? Like you’re traveling all the time.“
Dakota: „Yeah.“
Ellen: „So Fifty Shades of Grey comes out and… I mean you’ve been acting but that’s a role that everybody..“
Dakota: „Yeah.“
Ellen: „Are people weird around you because of that role?“
Dakota (laughs): „Sometimes.“
Ellen: „Like, the people think that you’re that girl?“
Dakota: „Well, sometimes people just say things that are a little bit awkward for me. Like I was in a cab recently and the driver’s like: ´You know, my wife and I.. we saw your film’ and I was like ´Oh, that’s great, thanks’, he’s like ´we really liked it´. I was like thank you very much. And he was like ´I thought that could be more sex.´ And I was like about to role out of the car while I was driving.“
Ellen: „Yeah you don’t want somebody telling you that. Has your dad seen the movie?“
Dakota (makes disgusted face): „Hm-hm (no)“
Ellen: „Good. You don’t want your dad seeing that movie. Has your mom seen it?“
Dakota: „No.“
Ellen: „Yeah. Has your grandmother seen it?“
Dakota (laughs): „Yes!“
Ellen: „Tippi saw it?“
Dakota (still laughing): „No!“
Ellen: „So, nobody wants to see that movie.“
Dakota: „Hm-hm (no)“
Ellen: „You don’t want them to see it, right? Would that be weird if they saw you doing that?“
Dakota (laughs): „Well, yeah.. “
Ellen: „That was a stupid question, wasn’t it? Would you want them to see this new movie?“
Dakota: „I do! I do.“
Ellen: „Yes. So Black Mass. And you’ve known Johnny Depp for a while, right?“
Dakota: „Well, he was around when I was younger because of my parents and I grew up in Colorado where he spent a lot of time there.“
Ellen: „I have to go back to Fifty Shades of Grey. Just because I’m so fascinated. It’s just a role that everybody talked about even before the film came out. Are you in a relationship?“
Dakota: „No.“
Ellen: „So, is it harder for guys or are guys scared of you? Like do you noticed a difference in guys, like approaching you or not approaching you?“
Dakota (laughs): „You mean like when they run away from me?“
Ellen: „No like on a party, are people more attracted to you or you think people are scared of you?“
Dakota: „I don’t know. I mean if those are the two options I guess they’re scared of me. (laughs)“
Ellen: „Those are the only two.“
Dakota: „They either love me or they’re running for the hills. I guess they’re running for the hills.“
Ellen: „So this next film, they’ll see that you’re not that. Because you’re really completely different in Black Mass, like you’re really good in it.“
Dakota: „Thank you!“
Ellen: „Everybody is but tell everyone what Black Mass is about.“
Dakota: „Black Mass is about James Whitey Buldger who was one of the most notorious Boston gangsters who made an alliance with the FBI to bring down the Italians and then also was on the FBI’s most wanted list for like sixteen years or something and was caught recently.“
Ellen: „And you’re his wife.“
Dakota: „And I play his wife, girlfriend/wife. (Starts laughing) Wife, girlfriend, wife..“
Ellen: „Girlfriend? Wife? It’s not clear what it is. What are you?“
Dakota: „I don’t know if they were actually married. They weren’t, I think they had a common-law marriage.“
Ellen: „I was gonna say that’s why you’re not in a relationship because you don’t know the difference. You’re like, you need to know.“
Dakota: „Yeah.“
Ellen: „I mean, there’s a difference.“
Dakota: „I don’t get it.“
Ellen: „Alright. Did you already shoot the sequel to Fifty Shades of Grey?“
Dakota: „No we start sometime in the new year.“
Ellen: „Okay, I wanna give you some special props because I want some attention. Okay, we have allen-blue, what ever that is. I don’t know what this is.“
Dakota: „Thank you.“
Ellen: „What is that called?“
Dakota: „This is a flogger“
Ellen: „And then we have the allen-blue handcuffs.“
Dakota: „Oh, thank you. They look beautiful.“
Ellen: „And if you’re in like something that’s like hardly anything on and they yell ´cut´, you don’t wanna be standing there, so we wanna cover you up. So we have that (shows blue blanket).“
Dakota: „Aw, thank you. Thank you.“