Did ‘Fifty Shades’ change her Sex-Life?
New York. 40th floor. Gray mist fogging up the window. She strode into the suite. Like an innocent girl. Everyone who saw her naked, whipped, tied up, tortured and sighing happy, would be affectionate surprised.

Dakota Johnson (25), the leading female of ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’, seems shy. But her green eyes flashing devious, with blue blink. Her teeth are natural and skew-normal – Anti-Hollywood.

But: She is a real Hollywood-Princess. Father: Don Johnson (65, ‘Miami Vice’). Mother: Melanie Griffith (57, ‘The Bonfire of the Vanities’). Grandmother: Hitchcock-Icon Tippi Hedren (85, ‘The Birds’)

‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ premieres this Wednesday in Berlin.

Bild: Does the Movie changed your Sex-Life?
Dakota smiles: “No! That’s really not my thing”

Crackling she puts her black panty legs above the knee.

Bild: Does the Movie have a message?
Dakota: “I think it is: ‘Have courage to your body, be curious about Sex!'”

Bild: How does it feel to see yourself all tied up on the big Screen for the first time?
Her bright voice turns silent: “I was overwhelmed. I nearly fainted. I was all by myself in a very big Theater.”

Bild: Did your parents see the Movie?
She laughs: “My Dad doesn’t want to see it, neither my Mother. Perhaps my Family will buy the DVD later.”

Bild: Do you feel ashamed?
She almost flushes: “No, I support the Movie and the curiosity about my own sexuality.”

Bild: How would you describe yourself?
Dakota softly: “Very private, reserved, shy, secretive.”

Bild: And what are you dreaming of?
She looks transfigured: “I’m very old-fashioned. A house. A horse. Children. And I would like to start a business. A bakery with a flower shop. That would make me happy.”

Bild: Are you afraid of fame?
Dakota: “Yes, a little bit. A year ago I was a no one. And now this …”

At the end of our Interview she shakes my hand with her Cartier-Ring like a flirting girl.

You could steal horses with this Woman. Or be flogged. Or just drink a cup of tea with.

Please credit me if you want to use this Interview because I translated it. :)