Dakota Johnson arrived in Tokyo for attending Michael Kors Ginza shop opening event. Dakota’s recent activity is remarkable and is in great demand by TV talk show,etc in the US. She performed Anastasia in Fifty Shades of Grey brilliantly and that was a breakthrough. She is now playing James Bulger (played by Johnny Depp)’s partner and their son’s mum Lindsey in “Black Scandal (Black Mass)” which will be released in winter.

Dakota: ‘When I got an offer (Black Mass), the director asked me to play Lindsey just like me. Lindsey is a very sensitive lady but I wanted to show something different’.
Working with Johnny Depp is one of the greatest experiences I’ve ever had-We got on really well from the start so that I could concentrate on acting. Johnny is so talented and a loving person. I was inspired by him so much.

Have you ever made an any effort for acting?
Dakota: Not really. If I understand what the director demands for the movie, then I can play the role heartily.

Dakota loves a vintage fashion. ‘I love black denim and boots. In winter, a good quality winter jacket and a check scarf are indispensable!

About her trip to Japan – She came to Tokyo for Michael Kors Ginza shop opening event. However, Dakota decided to stay in Japan a day longer and she is really looking forward to do sightseeing.
I want to go shopping as soon as I can!! I want to visit a Vintage shop, and I want to buy Pink/Blue wigs! It’s so much fun!

Dakota Johnson is a lovely lady who has a huge ambition. She says ‘I want to perform a lot of different characters in the future!
Dakota has an infinite possibility and the bright future is waiting for her.

Thanks to Jamie Dornan Japan on Twitter for the translation

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