She has got a bodyguard, a manager and a tourist guide helper. She says in English “Hi, Victoria, please to meet you”. She stands up, smiles, we shake hands and she looks directly to my eyes. She has a beautiful smile, she’s sweet, secure and calm. Her hair is now black and she’s really smart.

Do you like a specific movie directed by Amenabar?
Dakota: The Others is the most famous in US, but I know all his work and I like it.

How is working with him in this spot?
Dakota: He’s amazing and charming, with him everything seems really easy. It’s great to work with someone so calm, who knows exactly what he wants, there’s no stress while shooting. Aménabar is adorable.

What can you tell me about your role, Rachel?
Dakota: It’s funny to play the role of a typical American tourist because I think I’m not at all this type of girl. I’ve travelled a lot and I spend a lot of time in Europe.

Have you been in Ibiza before?
Dakota: No, never. It’s the first time and I like it. I have friends that come here and they love this place. But I have discovered that Ibiza is not only about parties, it has beautiful places.

You obviously know the Mediterranean Sea…
Dakota: I’ve been in Spain a very important part of my like. I spend a lot of time in Malaga and Marbella. I adore Spain, I’m really happy to be here again, I’m happy here, I’m feeling at home.

Did you know Estrella Damm bear before shooting this spot?
Dakota: Yeah, some friends of mine did the song of the last year spot, The Vaccines. And, as a good American, I adore drinking beer, at night and very cold.

How is working with Quim Gutierrez and the other spanish actors?
Dakota: They’re amazing. Quim is so cool, they’re all really charming and friendly with me. There’s a good atmosphere here and I like the island.

Maybe you can come on holidays one day…
Dakota: Maybe, I don’t know. Who knows. I don’t know.

It’s time to finish the interview. She stands up and says “Pleased to meet you, sorry but I have to continue working”.

– Dakota Johnson > Magazines Scans > 2015 > El Mundo Fuera De Serie

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