Channel 4’s New Worlds has seen another drop in ratings for its second episode, with the historical drama plummeting to below 500,000 viewers.

All the elements for a hit series are there. The all-action historical drama is a follow up to 2008 favourite The Devil’s Whore, but this time the drama is moved to the turbulent setting of the1680s as two young men and two young women adapt to the changing world on both sides of the Atlantic.

Written and created by Peter Flannery and Martine Brant the lavish drama stars a quartet of up and coming talent including Fifty Shades of Grey hunk Dornan, Alice Englert, Joe Dempsie and Skins star Freya Mavor.

Despite the talented cast and a huge amount of hype (largely down to the Fifty Shades fever that surrounds Dornan), the four part series has so far failed to capture strong viewing figures.

The second episode, which aired this Tuesday, slipped even further than last week’s debut, with Channel 5 and BBC Three both pulling in bigger audiences. Last week’s audience of 668,000 plummeted to just 411,000 viewers, that’s a 2% share.

Cheaper to produce reality shows like BBC Three’s Hair have been beating the lavish drama in the ratings, which equals more bad news for the pricey production.

The reviews haven’t been favourable either. The clunky script and plodding pace have put off both critics and even hardcore Dornan devotees.

With the Telegraph pointing out “the adolescent quality to the writing”, while the Guardian couldn’t get past “a script and direction that clunked along lamely”, it seems even the draw of Jamie isn’t enough to sustain the four part drama, let alone make it worthy of a second series.