For her part, Heathcote has gone from Australian soap star to dark comic Hollywood hot commodity thanks to films like 2012’s Dark Shadows and this year’s Pride and Prejudice and Zombies.
Every girl I know has one girl in L.A. who you bump into and she will always do everything she can to destabilize you or undermine you or get the power in the circumstance,” says Heathcote. Her Demon character, “Gigi’s kind of like that. She’s a bit of a bitch, but it’s born out of a place of insecurity.” Indeed, Gigi refers to “plastics” (surgery) as just good grooming, citing ear pinning as a necessity for wearing a ponytail. “She doesn’t like the way she looks. I don’t think she even thinks about who she is as a person, it’s just a matter of, How does this make me feel? How can I feel better?

While Heathcote is friendly to the point of perky, Gigi, somewhat resembling an evil version of her famed blonde namefellow, Hadid, is none too welcoming when she meets Jesse at a party. Neither is Sarah, who spits out the staccato line to Gigi, “Who is she fucking, or who could she fuck? How high could she climb?

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